STYLE: bourgeois, fancy, historical building, mediterranean architecture
Place: urban
USE: kitchen, living, residence
GENERAL TAGS: ceramic mosaic flooring, chandelier, hungarian point parquet, original joinery, sculpted wood furniture
RATE / DAY (€): upon request
This historical residence, specific for the dwelling of the bourgeois community in Bucharest from the beginning of the 20th century, presents strong influences from the Mediterranean architecture.
Both the exterior and the interior preserve most of the original components and transmit in an authentic manner the story of this place that remains representative for the values of the past.
The halls and the kitchen preserve the ceramic mosaic flooring, while the rest of the rooms are covered in Hungarian point parquet. The doors and windows are original from the construction period.
The sculpted wood furniture, as well as the chandeliers emphasize the patrimonial character and contribute to the elegant atmosphere of the apartment as a whole