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STYLE: eclectic, historical building
Place: historical area, urban
USE: courtyard, lounge, saloon
GENERAL TAGS: arched door, attic, balanced stair, wooden flooring, wooden structure
Outdoor Landscape: no
Ceiling Height: 2.8
Indoor Surface: 300
Furniture: yes
AC: yes
Electricity: yes
Internet: yes
Toilets: yes
Car access: yes
Parking lots: yes
Noise pollution: yes
Furniture to be moved: yes
Walls to be painted: no

RATE / DAY (€): 1500
This location hosts The Cousins Art & Host Hostel. The contrast between the robust architecture reminding of city's' noble past and the contemporary insertions makes a strong impression. The elegant elements of carpentry, decorated ceilings and stained glass windows are complemented by youthful furniture and mural paintings in bright and vibrant colors.

The building includes a living-room, hallway, kitchen, bathroom with shower cabins, several lounge areas and a series of bunk bed rooms. The ground floor is extended with an wooden structure attic, which is unfurnished but quite spacious.

The outdoor space includes a small terrace near the entrance and a narrow courtyard, with ornamental plants and a small area for vegetables.

The courtyard is car accessible, including to the backyard area, where there are some additional spaces.