our aim is to grow a long term partnership


Our team has years of experience in facilitating locations and understanding the technical and management producers requirements. 

We built our network of collaborators based on trust and ethical respect for knowledge of the industry. 


Your specific needs are at the core of our location development research. Suitable locations are of high priority for our scouters.


We understand the creative challenges involved in the production process. This is why we are constantly looking for widening the range of diversity in our collection of locations. 


There isn't by chance that we made this platform available for you. We are dedicated to our work, we have the knowledge to do it and we are keen on pushing further the boundaries of the industry.



Brief the crew on the standards of conduct on-site. You are in charge of your teams.

Particularly during night shots, consider noise control in order to avoid disturbing the neighbourhoods as much as possible.

Protect the surfaces and furniture on location and don't use items that are on site but not confirmed for booking. 

Check the location before leaving and make sure that the space is clean and the setting is as same as it was at your arrival with all the items on place.


Establish priorities in how much do you consider to be engaged in this business.

Be honest, clear and as specific as possible in communicating the use considerations.

Stay open and be flexible with scheduling your location.

If you don't feel confortable, you can reject bookings. Express your concerns from the beginning so that we can understand and consider your standards focus.

Our aim is to grow a long term partnership.